About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Who we Are.

Aesperon Academy was corporatized in 2012 under Aesperon Group. Over the years, we have offered courses that are certified and accredited by statutory boards.

Our Mission.

To be the one-stop Training Provider for all relevant and up-and-coming industries. We aim to prepare companies and individuals for the ever-changing socio-economic landscape.​

Our focus is to promote lifelong learning and enhance employability.​

What we Do.

We provide top notch education via our industry experienced and qualified tutors. This is achieved by using a wide range of learning techniques to fully engage every learner

We value client engagement and offer a customised learning experience that is tailored to every participant's needs. Through our courses, we aim to help our learners to upgrade their skills and knowledge to meet the business needs and/or career aspirations