Implement Workplace Change
Corporate Courses


Changes can happen internally within the company or externally via regulations. In a world where change is the only constant, organisations need to prepare members and leaders who are able to cope with the changes.

Course Outline

  1. Understand Key Concepts & Importance of a Learning Organisation
  2. Support Enterprising Behaviour & Risk Taking
  3. Organisational Policies & Procedures
  4. Areas of Improvement & Opportunities for Growth
  5. How success In Change Measurement may be Measured

Lead Trainer

Our esteemed Trainer has been designing and facilitating training programs over the last 5 years. His key competencies are in Team & People Management, Employee Engagement, Leadership and Communication Skills.

He is an certified Trainer, having acquired the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) which emphasises the acquisition of knowledge through active learning and reflective practices.

As a Trainer and Assessor, he has conducted many corporate courses with clients from a myraid of industries. He is currently also working with various WSQ Approved Training Organisations such as Raffles Skills Lab International Training Centre, Leacov Singapore and Addison Institute.

Course Duration

2 day (14 hours)

Course Fees

$750 $100